Welcome you in the authentic Italian Style.

The hotels and accommodations we offer stand out for the excellence of their Services and because they  always have interesting stories to tell us…

Small mansions in attractive, suggestive locations, born of restoration of ancient villas, castles or monasteries… charming boutique hotel that welcome you in the authentic Italian Style… 

We want to inspire you with very unusual, high quality accommodations, chosen for their environmental sustainability aend for the perfect integration with the place where they are situated.

Comfortable “lunotte” (barrels used as an hotel room) in the Prosecco Vineyards; Green Resorts on Dolomite’s Peaks; Boutique Hotels in the cultural cities of Firenze and Roma…Refined and Exclusive hotels in Venezia and the typical Venetian Villas, where the locals speak “veneziano”, the traditional dialect. Very suggestive and unique hotels’ rooms in a cave, “Sassi di Matera”…Organic and eco-friendly farms on the hills of Umbria and Toscana…

Also with the choice of your accommodations, our goal is to give you a real unique Experience  that speaks italian…

Our Hotels Selection

The Boutique rooms behind the Arena di Verona

A new hospitality reality located in Verona with an Italian brand that operates in the luxury hospitality sector. In our Boutique Rooms the great Italian artisan experience in the design world is collected. All the furnishing and accessories have been carefully selected among the most famous Made in Italy brands, which have made the style […]

On the tower above the river Brenta

An exclusive Accommodation in the historical centre of Bassano del Grappa. We are in the heart of Veneto Region, one hour far from Venice, in a walled medieval town crossed by the River Brenta. Closed to the ancient bridge where you will join to the Italian lifestyle, we will welcome you in a privileged accommodation [...]

Sleep in Barrel in the Prosecco Hills

Agriturismo La Vigna di Sara In an enchanting scenery, where everything smell… of wine, of precious flavours, off traditions… surrounded by the green hills of Treviso, we find the winery and farmhouse La Vigna di Sarah Inspired by the new housing and living space requirements, and combined with the particular attention to ecology and to [...]

A Green SPA Resort in the Lake Garda

Le Fay Resort A unique holiday home: luxury, nature and wellbeing for you and for the environment in one place.  Personal wellness should never overlook environmental wellness… this is the philosophy that stands on the main goal of this completely sustainable resort, located in the quiet and beautiful Lake Garda. A design integrated into the [...]

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